Saving the world

I'm having a lot of fun in isolation, and one of the more unusual things I have been doing is that I bought a goat. You see, I've been helping a charity I support with their website to fix a few niggles, clean up the presentation, and improve search engine optimisation, as well as set... Continue Reading →


Last Monday I was advised by the NHS that I am a high-risk patient and I should self-isolate for 12 weeks. This was confirmed by my cancer team – no surprises there. Thankfully I have neighbours who are food shopping for me. Notice from the NHS about self-isolation. I was supposed to return to the... Continue Reading →

All Around My Hat in Russia

Watching a sci-fi series on Netflix, Better Than Us, and as it's a Russian production I was surprised to hear one of the characters humming the melody to All Around My Hat. 🤨 It starts here:

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