Voltage reading problems

Having the laptop connected to the ESP board via USB while it is charging pulls the voltage reading down, thus switching the relay off at high voltages. This means suboptimal charging opportunities while I experiment with the solar management system. A solution is to do away with the USB connection by utilising the WiFi capabilities... Continue Reading →

The relay has finally arrived

The SSR-40 DD Solid State Relay So I've put the relay in place of the LED and connected it to the 12V supply for the peripheries and discovered a problem. Putting the ESP module into deep sleep switches the relay off – which is what you'd expect if you think about it. So, here's the original... Continue Reading →

Exploring code techniques

The relay should arrive by Monday, fingers crossed. It will go where the green LED is. In the meantime I continually have to keep an eye on the solar system, during which time I while away the hours reading, feeding the cat, browsing the web, and, my project for today, exploring ways of writing code... Continue Reading →

Some code

I am designing a system to optimise solar charging opportunities for: laptopphonebackup battery for phoneAA rechargeableshandvac This is facilitated with a NodeMCU micro-controller ESP8266 (ESP-12E module): This is so I don't have to keep an eye on the system during the day to prevent the leisure battery from being damaged. I am waiting for a... Continue Reading →

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