Sad story

Sadly, Okonomiyaki, my my lovely and ancient (>17 years old) cat probably had her back broken by a vehicle in the campsite today. Thankfully the vet was open despite the lockdown announced on Saturday and only 5 minutes walk away. After a very short examination it was decided that she should be put down because... Continue Reading →

Voltage reading problems

Having the laptop connected to the ESP board via USB while it is charging pulls the voltage reading down, thus switching the relay off at high voltages. This means suboptimal charging opportunities while I experiment with the solar management system. A solution is to do away with the USB connection by utilising the WiFi capabilities... Continue Reading →


It's not always like this. I went to Coín last Thursday to meet Manolo. I was a bit bored so I fancied a drive and what a drive it was! Coín is a smallish town nestled in a group of mountains about 200m above sea level. As I approached the brow of the last mountain... Continue Reading →

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