Applying for residency in Spain

I’ve been reluctant to return to the UK during the pandemic and as latest tests indicate no evidence of cancer I’ve decided to apply for residency in Spain.

This is necessary if I want to spend more than the maximum 90 days in every 180 days in Spain during the autumn and winter months because I detest the icy, cold, wet, muddy, windy weather we get in the UK. And necessary because of brexit.

So, I have engaged an agent to help me apply for residency and a first appointment was set up at Ayuntamiento de Mijas (Mijas Town Hall) today where I successfully obtained a Volante de Empadronamiento Registration Document) and a Certificado de Empadronamiento Histórico (Historical Registration Certificate). I’ll try to explain what they’re for later.

Heading of the Volante de Empadronamiento

There will be a few more steps before I achieve residency status, which is by no means guaranteed, and I’ll update this page as I go through the process.