I’m on day 10 of 84. Just short of 12% of the way through. Nearly 1/8th of the way through. Which sounds better? 50% sounds good for when I reach day 42 – I’ll celebrate by visiting the other end of the caravan.

I’m coping quite well, I think. I’ve always been a bit of a hermit anyway.


The weather has been a bit crap* recently which means I’d been struggling to keep all devices charged up. Since isolation I’d been running the fridge on gas until I remembered it’s a gas guzzler and I need that gas for cooking – I can’t spend three months eating chorizo, cheese and bread for all my meals. I only have one bottle of gas and it’s hard to find a UK style replacement around here so I succumbed to paying for electric hookup (EHU).

Let me tell you, it makes life a hell of lot easier! Still, the site has lots of solar panels here so I don’t feel too much of a blight on the planet. It’ll be nice to see a bit more of our local star though.

Keeping occupied

I’m progressing quite rapidly with learning Spanish. I restarted learning in earnest with Duolingo 35 days ago and reached 11751 XP today. People who use Duolingo will know what this means. If you haven’t tried it and need something to occupy your days it’s fun, free, and you can sign up here. You can also learn Klingon, if you want:

Languages I’m learning.

Otherwise I am:

  • enjoying communicating with friends and family using various social media channels and messaging services. Aren’t we lucky,
  • reorganising and cleaning the caravan from top to bottom,
  • finishing a small electronics project so I can charge my hand vac from 12V. Observations: cigarette lighter style 12V plugs and sockets are a bit shit, my hand vac has as much suction as a granny with no teeth,
  • taking a course on tackling the novel coronavirus,
  • reading various books,
  • watching movies and tv shows.

* My friends, Manolo and Ana, informed me that they were very surprised to see hail this morning where they live. It’s the first time they’ve seen hail in the three years they’ve lived here although it has happened in other parts of Málaga, mainly in the mountains I expect. ^

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